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Security Consulting

Security has been defined as a reasonable degree of resistance to a recognized threat. Electronic, mechanical, and physical security countermeasures are often utilized to disrupt the efforts of thieves, robbers, and other adversaries who seek to harm people, property, and valued assets. Security countermeasures can prevent and deter attack, and help protect your property and valued possessions from damage and loss.

Security countermeasures include Video Surveillance Cameras (CCTV), Intrusion Detection Systems (burglar alarms), Fire alarms, Access Control Systems using keypads, token or card readers to direct and monitor movement within your facility, Perimeter Fencing, Landscape Design, and Interior and Exterior Lighting, among others. Criminals have shared that security countermeasures convinced them to abort a home invasion or burglary knowing of the increased chances for detection.    

Program Development

Business organizations, daycare centers, community HOA’s, and houses of worship are not immune from internal and external adversaries that seek to disrupt commerce, neighborhoods, and peaceful assembly. On a daily basis, newspapers and other media outlets report daily incidents of crime against persons, property, and institutions. Many times, these incidents could be prevented through well thought out policies designed to protect your employees, residents, and patrons alike.

Our skilled professionals can assist your organization in developing strategic policies capable of protecting your valued assets. Through risk, threat, and vulnerability analysis, commonly used by security practitioners to disclose weaknesses that invite compromise and/or attack, your enterprise will be prepared to implement practical security solutions to safeguard people, property, and other items of value.

Case Studies

Daycare secured through practical countermeasures

The management team at a daycare center needed to control access to the facility’s hallways, restrooms, and classroom areas. Reports of unescorted visitors were common, and parents had registered their concerns over lax security when arriving through open, unlocked, and non-staffed doors. To complicate matters, the daycare was located in a local church that offered access to the center through shared stairwells, corridors, and entranceways. Our firm was hired to design and install an access control system that limited access to the daycare and adjacent work areas.

During meetings with management and church officials, a site plan was developed that mapped out protected workspace for the church and daycare. All impacted points of ingress/egress were noted, as well as pedestrian traffic through shared stairwells, hallways, and meeting areas. Subsequent discussions were held with the local fire marshal (AHJ) and building inspector to outline project details and requirements, and to obtain required permits and authorizations. A web-based access control system was selected to complete this project. The proprietary system requires no dedicated PC, and provides daycare workers with a user-friendly solution. The daycare center can secure its doors, manage employee access, and manage their site through an internet connection. Management and church officials were pleased with the system installed and realized their collective goals through practical and cost-effective technology.

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