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The quality of customer service is essential when choosing an investigations or security company to represent your personal and professional interests. The Jones Group of Delaware recognizes that each case, client, and circumstance is unique, and works hard to resolve respective challenges by fostering a professional, objective, and reasoned approach. Investigative strategies are driven by client needs, resources, and the rules and regulations spelled out in criminal codes and civil procedures. Security solutions are achieved through an assessment of risk and vulnerability, organizational rules and priorities, budgets, and risk mitigation strategies.

Clients of The Jones Group Delaware are valued partners in our success, comprising law firms, small businesses, community centers, schools, individuals, and houses of worship.

Case Studies

Disclosing fraud and deception

Our client, the owner of a national franchise suspected that a former franchisee was in violation of a court-ordered settlement. The settlement prohibited the former partner from conducting business within a limited territory, from using proprietary products and practices developed by the franchise, and from personal involvement in select business offerings. The owner of the franchise hired our firm to determine if the former partner (subject) was in violation of the settlement, and the restrictions outlined within. Online research was conducted to determine if the subject was still in business, what services were being offered, and what geographic territory the company serviced. Phone calls were placed to the business to validate website offerings, to learn the role of subject, and to obtain contact information on satisfied clients. Clients were later contacted and visited to verify technique and workmanship, and to determine subject’s role and responsibility in each transaction. Our findings confirmed subject was in violation of the court-ordered settlement and related terms.

In an effort to confirm subject was continuing to violate terms of settlement, several organizations were identified that needed services identical to those offered by subject and company. Phone conversations to the business with subject were documented, as well as meetings with subject during estimate at worksite, and while services were being performed. All investigative findings were summarized in a detailed report, and communicated to the client and legal representatives for adjudication and disposition. The investigation was timely, completed within budget, and the matter resolved to client’s satisfaction through fines and restitution.

Daycare secured through practical countermeasures

The management team at a daycare center needed to control access to the facility’s hallways, restrooms, and classroom areas. Reports of unescorted visitors were common, and parents had registered their concerns over lax security when arriving through open, unlocked, and non-staffed doors. To complicate matters, the daycare was located in a local church that offered access to the center through shared stairwells, corridors, and entranceways. Our firm was hired to design and install an access control system that limited access to the daycare and adjacent work areas.

During meetings with management and church officials, a site plan was developed that mapped out protected workspace for the church and daycare. All impacted points of ingress/egress were noted, as well as pedestrian traffic through shared stairwells, hallways, and meeting areas. Subsequent discussions were held with the local fire marshal (AHJ) and building inspector to outline project details and requirements, and to obtain required permits and authorizations. A web-based access control system was selected to complete this project. The proprietary system requires no dedicated PC, and provides daycare workers with a user-friendly solution. The daycare center can secure its doors, manage employee access, and manage their site through an internet connection. Management and church officials were pleased with the system installed and realized their collective goals through practical and cost-effective technology.

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