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The Jones Group of Delaware, LLC is licensed by the State of Delaware, State Bureau of Investigation to practice, conduct, pursue or carry on the business of a Private Investigative Agency, and a Security Systems and Protective Services Group.

As an investigative agency, we support clients and customers in need of details and information. For attorneys, this can include litigation support through witness locate services, process service, forensic interviews, surveillance, client screens, research & analysis, courtroom testimony, and objective reporting. For individuals and organizations with issue-specific needs or challenges, independent investigations are conducted to resolve your concerns through physical, documentary, and/or testimonial evidence. As professional investigators, it is our mission to obtain the information needed to support client needs, allowing attorneys to focus on the law, organizations to be productive, and individuals to experience peace of mind. Read more about the roles and responsibilities of private investigators

Due to the complex nature of crime, security is often described as more of an art than science. In an effort to mitigate risk at your home, business, house of worship, HOA, or 55+ community, risk and vulnerability assessments are conducted at your site to establish risk profiles that help project the likelihood of criminal activity, including man-made, and natural disasters. Practical remedies are offered to reduce risk and vulnerabilities through electronic, mechanical, and/or physical security countermeasures, policy and program development that support best practices, and public awareness campaigns and educational seminars.   

According to Webster’s dictionary, a Countermeasure is simply an “action or device that is intended to stop or prevent something bad or dangerous” from happening. Countermeasures can include intrusion detection systems — commonly referred to as burglar alarms — smoke and heat detectors, glass break and motion sensors, access control systems, fencing, walls, barriers, lighting, guards and K-9, and landscape design, also known as crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED).       

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